The activity of CEN TC 346-Conservation of Cultural Heritage

  • Vasco Fassina Ministery of Italian Cultural Heritage of Fine Arts of Veneto-Venice Chairman CEN/TC346- Conservation of Cultural Heritage
Palabras clave: Cultural Heritage & Standardization, Terminology.


A specific European standardisation activity in the field of conservation of cultural heritage is essential to acquire a common unified scientific approach to the problems relevant to the preservation and conservation of the cultural property. The scope of CEN TC 346 is to establish standards in the field of the processes, practices, methodologies and documentation of conservation of tangible cultural heritage to support its preservation, protection and maintenance and to enhance its significance. This includes standardisation on the characterisation of deterioration processes and environmental conditions for cultural heritage and the products and technologies used for the planning and execution of conservation, restoration, repair and maintenance.  Up to now sixteen EN standards were published according to a matrix-based method in which three main topics have been developed. First is dealing with general guidelines and methodology. Second topic is regarding Evaluation of methods and products for conservation works. The work was focused on a general draft “Surface protection for porous inorganic materials-laboratory test methods for the evaluation of the performance of water repellent products”. The evaluation is based on the measurements of different parameters appropriate to assess the performance of the product using standardized and reproducible methods. Third topic is regarding Indoor/outdoor climate-Specifications and measurement. The purpose of the work was to develop standards and recommendations relating specifically to the climate and its influence on the preservation of heritage. Standards developed will assist professionals involved in environmental diagnostics and in the investigation and control of the climate for preventive conservation and maintenance. The assistance includes the choice of methodologies and instruments and the interpretation of results.


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