The Loss of Oral Traditions in the Far East Russia: Future of the Community

  • Anastasiia Stepanovna Chuguevskaia
Palabras clave: oral traditions,, cultural heritage, loss of values


This paper investigates the issues threatening the existence of oral traditions and expressions, a strong element of Intangible Cultural Heritage of indigenous nations in Russian Federation and discusses the consequences for the associated communities of such threats. Two of the major threats, rapid globalisation and modernisation of human life-style, have led to the distancing between generations, a phenomenon clearly evident in native settlements where younger generations are moving to urban areas and abandoning their native culture. This paper specifically focuses on the case of Evenks people of Russia, who represent one of the largest native minorities of the country. The Evenks were chosen to be a representation of the phenomenon due to the fact that the native community shows high concern for the issue of oral traditions endangerment and works on safeguarding it. The research used content analysis and netnography research to collect data from social media associated with Evenks and research articles on the issue to study the factors that affect the loss of oral traditions and the consequences for Evenks people of the loss of their oral heritage. It was found that topic of the endangerment of oral traditions among Evenks lacks the diversity of research, and does not receive enough support of legal protection of oral traditions and expressions. Nonetheless Evenks people show a great case of community empowerment through the process of creating programs for safeguarding their language and culture in the modern setting.


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Anastasiia Stepanovna Chuguevskaia

Anastasiia Chuguevskaia, born 4th of January 1994 in Khabarovsk City, Russia. Has been studying English language since 1998. In years 2006 – 2008 participated in communication with Japanese and American delegations as well as hosting of exchange students from Japan. In 2009 participated in Environmental research of Khabarovsk Region. In May 2010 graduated from Secondary Comprehensive General Education School. After graduation, practiced in Japanese, German and English languages. In February 2011 moved to New Zealand for overseas experience. In July 2012 have made a decision to study Heritage Management in Institute for Tourism Studies and moved to Macau SAR. In 2015 participated in creation and performing the Heritage Interpretation Event as well as provided Heritage Guiding Tours in Macau SAR. In March 2016 worked on Cultural Mapping of Inner Harbour territories of Macau SAR project, with assistance of DOCOMOMO Macau under supervision of Johannes Widodo and Richard Adams Engelhardt. In May 2016 graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Heritage Management. Have participated in IFT TED-Summit as outstanding senior student representative, under the supervision of Sharif Shams Imon.

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Chuguevskaia, A. S. (2017). The Loss of Oral Traditions in the Far East Russia: Future of the Community. Ge-Conservacion, 11, 149-156.