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Making and Marketing


making_marketing.jpgStudies of the Painting Process in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth- Century Netherlandish Workshops

Faries, M., ed.
Brepols, 2006.
287 pp.



M. Faries: Making and marketing: studies of the painting process
M. Leeflang: The Saint Reinhold altarpiece by Joos van Cleve and his workshop: new insights into Albrecht Dürer’s influence on the working process
R. Spronk / C. van Daalen: Two scenes from the passion at the Harvard art museums: a tale of two Antwerp workshops?
D. Meuwissen: A ‘painter in black and white’: the symbiotic relationship between the paintings and woodcuts of Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen
A. H. van Buren: Collaboration in manuscripts: France and the Low Countries
M. W. Ainsworth: Romanism as a catalyst for change in Bernard van Orley’s workshop practices
L. Jansen: Shop collaboration in the painting of background landscapes in the workshop of Pieter Coecke van Aelst
H. Verougstraete / R. van Schoute: Copies, pastiches, and forgeries after Bosch
M. Wolters: Creativity and efficiency: aspects of Joachim Beuckelaer’s use of patterns and models
M. Galassi: Jan Massys and artistic relationships between Antwerp and Genoa during the sixteenth century L. M. Helmus: Journeymen and servants: sixteenth-century employment contracts with painters from the netherlands
M. P. J. Marterns / N. Peeters: Artists by numbers: quantifying artists’ trades in sexteenth
century Antwerp.